Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Once I nearly went on an internet fast. It was a very good, healthy idea. The things I saw on Pinterest made my apartment downright depressing. Fashion bloggers and their expertly styled outfits left me wanting nothing more than to drop $200 at ASOS. And then there's all the guilt that would just layer up on me whenever I came across some faded image of a stormy sea with "Action is the foundation of all success" emblazoned across it in big bold Helvetica. The internet fast never happened because I realized that at its core, it was an excuse to avoid reminders of my own laziness and impulses. Now instead of being frightened of coming across ambition online, I use all the creativity online to inspire me. I keep Pinterest close to my heart, carefully curating each board like it's my very own personal style manifesto. Sticking with the fashion bloggers has been a good thing, too. Instead of feeling that irrepressible urge to go out and by two cardigans in beige and blue, those fashionistas of the world wide web have instead inspired me to refine my closet remixing skills. Because every dress can take on a new life as a skirt if you throw a cute sweater over it. And now instead of feeling guilty when I see an ambitious individual post a quote about the very long term relationship between labor and success, it's just the prompt I need to stop scrolling down my Google Reader and get some real work done. 

I hope you are all doing well this beautiful Tuesday evening. Now if you'll excuse me I have an episode of Downton Abbey to watch and a cup of tea to drink. 

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