Friday, October 12, 2012


It's sweater season. These ones are my favorites. Top with a pair of boots and a dark caramel corduroy pencil skirt.

ASOS River Island Pointelle Sweater. Okay it's like $60, but have you ever seen such an effortlessly polished cozy sweater in your life? I haven't. Gotta love aspiration window shopping.

ASOS Boyfriend Sweater in Bright Yarn. Also pricier. Also crazy adorable. Doesn't it crack you up that ASOS styles their sweaters with shorts? I think actually think it looks super chic. It's not exactly practical for Summer or Fall but somehow manages to look breezy and pulled-together.

Modcloth Sea Worthy of You Top. This would be at home with Long Island Medium marathons, pajama pants and Celeastial Seasonings or a lunch date with mushroom risotto and a glass of zinfandel.

Every time I step outside this time of year I can't help but grin. Something about the way the light looks and the smell of dead leaves. 

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