Monday, August 27, 2012

Beauty inspiration: Sandra Bullock in "Demolition Man"

I am not even kidding. I was watching this movie with the boyfriend and the little sister a couple weeks ago, and in addition to be thrilled with the cast ("OMIGOODNESS!!!! IS THAT THE GUY FROM MS. CONGENIALITY?") and the ridiculous action movie storyline, I totally dug Sandra Bullock's look. She plays the naive and excitable Lenina Huxley, a police officer in a futuristic society where the polite, docile population doesn't require much policing. Her tailored uniform is worth a mention with its subtly colorful mandarin collar, but the fresh and simple makeup is the real attention-grabber. Let's break it down.

Face: We are in the era of the bb cream, of which Bullock's poreless complextion in this film was prophetic. To get her flawless color and tone, apply your favorite bb cream to a freshly clean and exfoliated face.  I am smearing the one by Boscia on my skin daily, but I've seen hundreds of other wonderful options out there. I actually have a Birchbox sample of Dr. Bart's that I am aching to use (will get back to you with the results). Dust on a gentle pink blush next, but nothing too girly. This would be an excellent opportunity to break out the Nars. Finish with a bronzing powder and you suddenly look ready to kick some 20th century criminal butt.

Eyebrows: Keep them shaped and groomed and arched. I think the brows are actually the key to her look, providing a decidedly high-maintenance effect as a contrast to her natural eye and lip color choices. I am all about getting one's brows professionally done, as the diy results are often too thin and harsh. If you're an expert, by all means break out those tweezers, but the rest of us should just book an appointment at the salon. Once your brows are properly plucked, use Makeup Forever's Aqua Brow to shape and fill them.

Eyes: Put on a primer. I used to be a devotee to Urban Decay's Primer Potion, but have since fallen for the cheaper and more industrial strength stuff by Sephora. Line your eyes with something brown and subtle, then apply a matte nude shadow in the most flattering hue you can find. After a couple of intense moments with your eyelash curler, coat your lashes with your favorite mascara (I am all about Clinique's Naturally Glossy and a friend recently recommended this one from Ulta). Not too many coats, and make sure each lash is separated.

Lips: A light dusty rose should do the trick here. I splurged last year and bought Chanel Rouge Coco in Boy and it has become my favorite your-lips-but-better shade. To complete your Lenina look, be on the lookout for shades that are the color your lips would be if cataloged by Pantone. Cover that with a quietly sheer and shimmery lip balm, then find yourself a gruff muscley type to fight bad guys with.

That's all for now. We'll talk again soon.

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