Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My first entry, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the blog.

As most of my readers are aware, I used to be a fashion blogger. And by used to, I mean I wrote my last entry about three or four weeks ago. My fashion blog, Classic Black Pumps, was a project I started around the age of 17, and it lasted me until present. I am almost 21 now and halfway through my junior year of college. While the blog managed to hold my attention longer than even some of my most serious boyfriends, my wants and needs have changed such that its upkeep is now a chore. The entries I loved best were ones that only quietly referenced fashion, but focused mostly on things like self-esteem, personal style, and body image. I also took to favoring the more anecdotal entries. I had the most fun writing about my roommate or my sister or my boyfriend. Making Polyvore collages of great holiday looks and then discussing them in perky little captions packed with exclamation points felt tedious. And then, a couple nights ago, while lying in bed reading "The Beautiful Fall" by Alicia Drake (a book I highly recommend, by the way), I realized something. I didn't have to keep writing Classic Black Pumps anymore. If I didn't love it, I had absolutely no reason to keep it as a part of my life. And that's when I decided to start Daisy and Yves.

This new blog will be a more personal pursuit. In the entries to come, you'll find everything from pretty pictures I came across on Tumblr to ramblings about love to an account of my quest to find the perfect overcoat. Fashion will make its appearances here and there, because it still absolutely has my heart, but it won't be the focus. The focus is me, the focus is you. I'm no sage, but I hope that some of the things I say serve to inspire you to make your life the most beautiful it can possibly be. As an individual who tends to over think everything, I've got a hefty handful of reflections to share and maybe every once in awhile, you'll find they hit home. On a final note, the blog title, Daisy and Yves, is named for two rather iconic human beings, one fiction, one fact. Daisy Buchanen, the leading lady in "The Great Gatsby," is a well-dressed mess of a woman who I find I relate to a little too much sometimes. Yves is for the enfant terible himself, Yves Saint Laurent. His legacy, imagination, and talent are all one-of-a-kind, and his story is one that I think my readers in particular might find both invigorating and inspirational. Welcome again to Daisy and Yves. I am really looking forward to sharing this new journey with you.

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